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Australian Gold DARK TAN ACCELERATOR Tan Lotion - 8.5 oz.

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Get your base tan the perfect dark shade in no time with the this Lotion.   

You want a great base tan,the perfect dark tan in no time with Australian Gold DARK TAN ACCELERATOR Lotion. Formulation contains a blend of vitamins A and E, and natural oils from plants discovered in Australia. When applied to the skin, This melanin-producing lotion feeds the cells in the tissue, allowing them to start manufacturing pigment when exposure begins in the out doors or the tanning bed.

A/G Dark Tanning accelerator massive popularity is price and it works. This lotion also lessens the harmful impact of tanning on your skin. The formula is so effective that it's the most widely sold indoor tanning lotion on the market! In addition, the lotion gives the skin a burst of moisture, effectively preventing tanning-related dehydration and irritation.

• With Native oils and vitamins A and E, Dark Tan Accelerator.

• for indoor and outdoor tanning USE!!

8.5 oz.
I am just getting started tanning for the summer. This lotion was my choice and worked very well to get started.
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