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Australian Gold HARDCORE BLACK Dark Bronzer - 8.5 oz.

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Australian Gold HARDCORE BLACK    ~~~CLEARANCE~~~

Think it will take you ages to get that dark black tan of your dreams because you're a tanning novice? 

Australian Gold Hardcore Black Bronzer is here to change your mind. Created especially for first-time tanners, the formula makes it easy to obtain ultra dark results in very little time. The bronzer is so effective that it can actually leave your skin up to 30 times darker than tanning without first applying the formula could.

A blend of bronzers in the product primes the skin for the ultraviolet energy, amplifying your color to the blackest look possible. In addition, color perfectors continue to darken the shade of your tan for hours after your sessions to create long-lasting, intense results.

When you're new to tanning, you need to ensure that you keep your skin hydrated and nourished. That's why the Australian Gold Hardcore Black Bronzer contains hemp seed oil and a blend of skin softening natural ingredients to help the tissue remain supple, hydrated and silky with every tanning session.

  • Australian Gold Hardcore Black Enticing Hemp Seed Oil: Firms, conditions and moisturizes for radiant, hydrated skin
  • Wicked Skin Softeners: Concentrated amount of complete skincare that penetrates deep to reveal sensually smooth, skin
  • 30x Dark Bronzers: Combination of instant and delayed bronzers for longer-lasting natural color
  • Australian Gold Hardcore Black Dark Envy fragrance
8.5 oz.
For people that like a hot level 2 tingle (rated out of 3) without a bronzer this a great product smells & applies great. Color lasts & packaging also looks fantastic. 4 STARS
Australian Gold Hardcore Black,
A friend of mine told me about this lotion. As soon as she said Australian Gold and I saw the great color she got after a few sessions I had to buy it. Australian Gold has amazing products
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