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Australian Gold SINFULLY BLACK Dark Tanning Bronzer - 8.5 oz.

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Australian Gold Sinfully Black Dark Tanning Lotion Bronzer

Confessing your sins,  Australian Gold Sinfully Black this tantalizing dark bronzing formula. With an appetizing tempestuous berry scent and moisturizing ingredients, Australian Gold Sinfully Black will make you the center of every man’s attention. When using this bronzer, it’ll be difficult to convince anyone of your angel wings.

Don’t be ashamed of indulging your needs with Australian Gold Sinfully Black blissfully wicked blend of Black Currant Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, KuKui Nut Oil, and other skin nourishing Vitamins. An Australian Gold bronzer for the sweet woman with a touch of sin, this product will give you skin that is 15x more deviously dark than before.

Enjoy Australian Gold Sinfully Black Decadent Temptuous Berry fragrance


8.5 oz.


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