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If you want your tan to last as long as possible, tanning lotion alone isn't enough to cut it. You need to have a solid moisturizer that you can count on to keep your skin from drying out, helping extend the life of your tan. Lucky for you, Body Drench has a line of high grade moisturizers ready to tackle any skin and give it the hydration it needs.

It's not hard to see that tanning each and every day takes a dramatic toll on your skin. That is why Body Drench tanning lotion is loaded with a variety of natural emollients, vitamins and the highest quality botanical extracts. It not only improves the health of your skin, but will make your skin look and feel firmer.

You work hard for your tan, so you need tanning products that do the same for you. As one of the most trusted brands of body moisturizers specifically formulated to enhance your tan, you can count on the Body Drench line to protect your skin and help you keep that beautiful glow much longer.

Don't wait any longer - get your skin looking its best and grab yourself a bottle of Body Drench moisturizer today