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Brown Sugar Double Dark Black Chocolate Martini Black Bronzer 64 oz.

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Brown Sugar Double Dark Black Chocolate Martini Black Bronzer ---Pump Included!

UltraAdvanced Black Bronzer

PeptidePerfect Skin Firming Cocktail
Straight up or with a twist, emit a radiance and elegance all your own. Lingering gazes of envy are proof that your youthful bronze glow is anything but subtle, and the dark spell this cocktail casts will leave a lasting impression.
  • Advanced 400X Black Chocolate Bronzers are the darkest tanning has to offer
  • Peptide Perfect cocktail blends peptides & squalane for breathtaking skin tone
  • Clean Beauty formula is beautiful color without compromise: no parabens, gluten, sulfates, or animal testing

Fragrance: Electric Passion


64 oz.


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