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California Tan Axis Tan Extender Step 3 - 16.0 oz.

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California Tan Axis Tan Extender Step 3

A collection of breakthrough products formulated with one thing in mind: the key to great skin is great skincare, and at the center of great skincare is hydration. Experience the ultimate in skin transformation with Axis®.

• Moisture Elixir™ creates a barrier on the skin that retains moisture improving radiance and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

• Water Infusion Technology™ saturates skin in moisture, nutrients and antioxidants for glowing skin.

• Silicone microspheres perfect skin's appearance while offering intense hydration.

• Eternal Essence™ helps boost pro-collagen synthesis for more youthful looking skin.

• Accelerate and build the ultimate golden color with Vitatan.

• CT-Protect™ moisturizes to help preserve skin's youthful appearance and protect against free radicals.

• Formulated to combat against ATO.

Fragrance: Beyond The Sea


16.0 oz.


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