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~SALE~Designer Skin BLACK DALIA FLOURISH 45 X Matrix - 13.5 oz.

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Designer Skin Black Dahlia Flourish 45X Color Matrix ~SALE~

Dark Reflections 45X Color Matrix
Miracle Tamanu Oil with Skinny Sugar
Night|Shift Aromatherapy Infusion

• Dark Reflections 45X Color Matrix combines Designer Skin’s world-renowned instant and delayed bronzing technologies to create this State of the Art bronzer...

• Miracle Tamanu Oil, known for centuries as the “Oil of the gods and goddesses”, helps to firm, smooth and hydrate the skin...

• Skinny Sugar contains an ingredient famously known to help breakdown fats and attract moisture; aiding in the appearance of tone, radiant skin... 

• Night|Shift Aromatherapy Infusion entices you to breathe deeply, as this coveted aphrodisiac of Blue Lotus and Queen of the Night flowers help provide a sexy boost of confidence...

• Fragrance: Queen of the Night


13.5 oz.


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