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Devoted Creations LOVE and LEMONADE Tan Extender -18.25 oz.

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Devoted Creations LOVE and LEMONADE Tan Extender

This rejuvenating formula is ideal for after-sun exposure or anytime you want a cool, fresh pick-me-up. Love & Lemonade utilizes the deeply nourishing, natural ingredients of Green Tea, Peppermint, Cucumber and Vitamin C in an Aloe Vera based crème gel designed to invigorate, repair and intensely soothe for an ultra-hydrated feel.
Daily Body Moisturizer.
After Sun Care.
Skin Softening and Hydrating.
Soothing Peppermint & Cucumber.
Green Tea & Vitamin C.
Aloe Vera Crème Gel.
Hypoallergenic/ Nut Free/ Wheat Free/ Vegan Formula.
Daily body moisturizer that doubles as an after sun skin hydrator.

Peppermint Extract – Provide skin soothing and healing properties while fighting skin inflammation and red tones.
Lotus Flower – Age Defying, Hydrating and Radiance boosting.
Aloe Vera Crème Gel – Skin protector that contains minerals and nutrients to reduce inflammation and keep skin hydrated.
Vitamin C - Repair skin, fight free radical damage & boost collagen production.
Cotton & Rice Extract – Soothe and soften the skin without irritation.
Cucumber Extracts – Helps to naturally nourish, hydrate, comfort, soothe, calm, and de-puff the appearance of skin.
Hypoallergenic, Nut free, Vitamin E free, Wheat free, Vegan formula


18.25 oz.


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