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Devoted Creations SOMEWHERE ON A BEACH Indoor-Outdoor - 12.25 oz.

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Devoted Creations Somewhere on a Beach Indoor-Outdoor

If you dream of high tides and good vibes, palm trees and 80 degrees, good times and no tan lines... Then look no further than Devoted Creations’ Somewhere On A Beach! This intoxicating tropical formula will keep your skin hydrated, toned and tanned! If you’re looking for the perfect tanning cocktail, then order up a bottle of liquid sunshine, With Somewhere On A Beach...
DHA-Free bronzers provide streak free/stain free results.

Sea Buckthorn Berry protects skin from free radical damage.
Coconut & Walnut Oils provide skin softening and hydration properties.
Enriched with BB Cream to prime, mattify and perfect skin.
Can be used indoor/outdoor.
FreshTek deodorizes and eliminates after tan odor.
Fragrance: Tropical Tantini


12.25 oz.


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