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Hoss Sauce HEMPEROR MAXIMUM ULTRA DARK Bronzer - 9.0 oz

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Hoss Sauce Hemperor Maximum Ultra Dark Bronzer ~SALE~

Maximum Ultra Dark is new and exciting, rich in Hemp Seed Oil and some of the world's finest color maximizing accelerators. This silky smooth, vitamin enriched lotion has maximum levels of Tyrosine, Riboflavin and Unipertan. Has excellent levels of rich Shea Butter, tropical oils such as Monoi, Kukui Nut and Olive Oil. You will enjoy the results that this lotion delivers and you will love the way your skin feels after tanning. Simply the finest, smoothest, darkest herbal tanning maximizer available anywhere in the worl

• Hoss Sauce Hemperor Ultra Dark Contains L Tyrosine for faster melanin production, which allows you to tan faster!


9.0 oz.


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