OC-Rsun Tanning Lotion

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Your skin goes through a lot of wear and tear, taking everything head on without a question or sheer doubt. It works hard for you, so it would only be right if you worked hard for it, too. R-Sun tanning lotion can help you in that department, giving your skin the ultimate makeover and care it deserves!

R-Sun tanning products use a mixture of special ingredients and highly sought after extracts (such as DHA, walnut and carrot oil) to enhance your skin and heighten its radiance. Fast acting tanning accelerators also work together to implant your skin with a tan that not only lasts longer, but is deep and rich with the golden brown color everyone longs for. Just use R-Sun tanning bed lotion once and you will quickly see how you will become the envy of everyone around you!

R-Sun Tan Lotion is specially formulated to make your skin as beautiful as your inner self. With help of special ingredients like Erythrulose, DHA, walnut extracts, carrot oil, and caramel, coupled with tan accelerators, your skin will be so mesmerizing that you will elicit stares of envy wherever you go.

Concerned if it is right for you or not? R-Sun tanning lotion lets you choose the level of power you desire, making it perfect for anyone looking to boost their tan regardless of their tanning experience.

Don't let your skin take a beating any longer! Order R-Sun tanning lotion now at our incredibly low price and save big!