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Best Tanning Products For Tanning Beds

Helping you choose the Best Tanning Products for you!


There are a number of lotions in the market all of which can be considered as the best tanning

lotion for tanning beds. However, the best tanning bed lotion for tanning beds is a relative choice,

based on what each person is looking for when using a lotion for the purpose of tanning

bed usage. Since every person has different skin and different tanning requirement, the best

tanning bed lotion may differ from person to person.


All products are not the same and what suits one person may not work for another. The only way

o find the best lotion for you is to try the product yourself based on information such as

ingredients, usage, user reviews etc. Keep in mind that the best lotion for tanning beds

will be a product that will provide your skin adequate protection from tanning rays and facilitate

a beautiful and natural looking tan.


An important thing to consider when choosing the best tanning bed lotion for tanning beds is the

price. Many extensive surveys have been conducted in order to gauge how much price plays a

role when choosing the best lotion for tanning beds. Surprisingly, most seasoned tanning

bed tanners have reported not finding a marked difference in the quality of tan between using

expensive products compared to the cheaper ones. So basically, just because you use a pricey

lotion is no guarantee that it will give you a better tan and be considered the best tanning bed lotion

for tanning beds.


The market is flooded with tanning products and it can be hard making a choice. However, when

it comes to the best lotion for tanning beds, experts say that there are a few brands that

do deserve special mention and are industry favorites for valid reasons. The Tanning Info Center

has come up with a list of brands that they consider are top-notch and can be considered best

tanning bed lotion. A few of them are:



With a massive cult following, this popular brands offer some of the best tanning results

and it is not hard to see why it is so popular. This line carries some great tanning bed

lotion, nearly all of which can be considered as the best tanning bed lotion for tanning beds.

Moreover, all the lotions by this brand smell sensational, an important point that tanners

consider when deciding on the best lotion for tanning beds.


With a tanning line that provides a great tan enriched with skin caring ingredients,

Supre Tanning Products are a popular line with a number of lotions can be considered

amongst the best for tanning beds. With different lotions to suit a variety

of different skin types, the Supre tanning line is unsurprisingly favored by many good

tanning salons. Supre Smoke Black is considered one of the Best Bronzers and delivers

exactly what its name suggests. There’s something for every sensation.



Another favorite, Designer Skin fans swear by the line’s range of some of the best

for tanning beds with their nourishing ingredients and wonderful

fragrance. The entire Designer Skin line for tanning beds is hypoallergenic so it is

extremely gentle on all skin types. The gentle base of aloe for all the products offered by

Designer Skin ensures that skin is treated with care and protection while undergoing the

process of tanning. Bombshell and Spellbound are considered some of the best tanning

lotion for tanning beds for people looking for an extended 24 hour tan. For those looking

for the darkest tan.



The darling of quality tanning salon owners, industry experts and veteran tanning bed

users, Swedish Beauty products are known for their high quality and their beautifully

alluring tropical scents. Loaded with essential vitamins and moisturizers, Swedish Beauty

products guarantee a relaxing and gorgeously natural tan while surrounding the user in

their wonderful scents. Pine Diamond is a favorite amongst tanners who go for a tingling

sensation while tanning and for them this might be the best lotion for tanning

beds. For those looking for a deep bronze hue to their skin, Unforgiven is a great choice.


So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite tanning bed lotion today – there is a

tanning bed lotion out there that can be considered the best lotion for tanning beds for

each tanner out there.



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