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Devoted Creations 
Our Business is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality Devoted Creations tanning lotions and skin care products possible for today's tanning bed tanner. Devoted Creations stay committed to producing and providing the highest grade tanning lotions for every tanning fan. Indoor tanning solutions and moisturizers offer you a youthful, revitalized, and vibrant skin tone. At Lewies tanning lotion, we sell a range of products from Devoted Creations to suit different skin types. Devoted creations use the purest and finest components to give you the safest results from your indoor tanning lotions. They offer several exclusive award-winning tanning lotions that satisfy every level of tanning lovers' requirements. Read on to know answers to the frequent queries by our customers

1. What are the various tanning options?

Indoor Tanning – It comprises a device that releases UV radiations to create a cosmetic tan. The most popular indoor tanning accessories are horizontal tanning bed, and vertical machines called tanning booths. You can set a timer, get inside a tanning bed, and it will give you a uniform and stunning tan. Additionally, it also increases Vitamin D levels and alleviates muscle soreness. 

Outdoor Tanning – It is the style of getting the tan by laying under the sun and absorbing UV rays. The only drawback to this kind of tanning is that during winters, when the sun rays are not that strong, tanning is difficult. Your skin might not be able to receive constant UV rays and have no control over the UVA and UVB amounts.

 Spray Tanning – It is a form of self-tanning wherein you go to a beauty salon in your bathing suit, and a consultant sprays the entire body using an airbrush for the tan. Some salons have specially-designed booths that have several nozzles that automatically spray tan your whole body. Spray tanning uses Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that improves the epidermis skin color. Devoted Creations tanning lotions have DHA blended with bronzers to provide you with immediate and long-lasting tan results.

2. How to avoid streaks by a tanning lotion?

Any tanning lotion with bronzer can leave streak depending on your skin type and application. If you have a fair complexion, applying a dark bronzer might not look natural compared to a medium or light bronzer. The application style also matters. For instance, if you apply lightly and evenly, it will give you better results, whereas using too much lotion can create streaks. You can also use an accelerator or tingle without bronzing to avoid any streaking. They help increase the melanin generation in the skin, providing a natural tan look without streaks. Try the Devoted Creations best bronzer, which gives you fast results without the use of any bronzer. It also increases melanin production, allowing long-lasting results.

3. What steps to follow before a tanning session?

Every skin reacts differently to tanning lotions. However, follow these steps to ensure better absorption of UV rays. 

  • Exfoliate your body well to remove the dead skin cells and other dirt. Make sure to scrub areas like elbows and knees that have hard surfaces and can leave streaks while tanning. Post exfoliation, take a good shower with a mild cleanser. It will prepare your skin for a good tan. 
  • During a tanning session, avoid wearing any makeup or any accessory. They can block the flawless and effective tanning lotion application to produce uneven tan lines.

Look for the product description and follow the instruction in addition to the steps mentioned above.

4. How to make my tan last longer?

One of the most important ways of extending your tan is by taking good care of your skin. Moisturizing will assure that the skin renews itself to reveal healthy-looking skin. 

After tanning, after every shower, apply a generous amount of moisturizer to avoid skin dryness. This will double the length of your tan and gives a long-lasting youthful skin. Devoted creations offer high-quality moisturizers specially designed for tanning. You can try their Bourbon and Honey Moisturizer with an ultra-rich hydrating formula and is even suitable for sensitive skin. It has natural ingredients like Tamanu Oil, Marshmallow Extract, Aloe Vera, and has a delicious smell. Moisturizers with Hemp Seed oil are also excellent for preventing dry and dull skin. They can also protect your tattoo from fading.

Taking cold showers instead of hot showers also prevents skin dryness and peeling. It will also benefit in a long-lasting tan. Try using an oil-based shower gel as excessive lather can strip away the tan.

Exfoliation also helps in maintaining a healthy tan. It removes the dead skin cells and excessive SPF product buildup. Applying body oil will also give a subtle glow and intensifies your tan. Exfoliation with a natural scrub once every week is enough for smooth skin and lasting tan.

Lastly, drink more water to prevent dryness and eat foods with beta-carotene to enhance skin tan.

5. Is it important to wear eyewear during tan from a tanning device?

Eyewear is crucial for tanning by every tanning device. Shutting your eyes tightly is not effective in protecting eyes as they are sensitive to UV radiation. Most tanning salons provide the right tanning eyewear to obstruct 99 percent of the ultraviolet rays generated by the machine.

6. Can I get tan during pregnancy?

UV radiations from a tanning device do not enter into the skin. However, tanning can cause dehydration since the device emits extra heat that can make you feel sick. That's why it is recommended to talk to your physician before beginning any tanning process. Once your doctor has given a green signal, you can proceed with the tanning process.

7. I am 16 years old. Can I get tan?

If you are below 18 years of age, then you must accompany a parent or legal guardian as per the State Board of Health. Above this age, you can safely go for tanning. However, if you have any health condition, then discuss it with your health professional before continuing with the process.

So, these were the common queries by tan lovers. If you are looking for a refreshed, energized tan, explore the extensive collection of Devoted Creations for an exhilarating tan.