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 Australian Gold Tanning lotion

Australian Gold is a recognized brand name for indoor suntan lotions. We offer high-quality products containing native Australian ingredients that protect your skin from everyday damage. Every product goes through extensive tests and maintains high standards of quality. We are conscious of the ingredients used in the lotions and ensure that your skin improves with every use. We are also continually innovating and developing products that feel pleasant on the skin, make you look good, and smell amazing. The aroma of these lotions is their signature Cocoa, which is inspired by Cocoa Beach, Florida, that will remind you of the beach and sunny weather every time you open the bottle.



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Let's go through some of the frequent queries from our customers.

1. What is so different about the Australian Gold tanning lotion?

Australian Gold tanning lotions provide a lovely, natural, and golden sunless tan while improving the skin texture and hiding blemishes. It is very convenient to use and provides a streak-free application. Applying the lightweight lotion gives a natural bronze color instantly. The primary component is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that stimulates the process of skin darkening. Along with DHA, it consists of a blend of Erythrulose and Derma Dark Bronzers that gives the ideal bronze tone. It uses FadeDefy technology, which is a blend of Kakadu plum and Shea butter. Kakadu Plum is abundant in vitamin C, and along with shea butter, they help repair the skin. A mixture of Maka extract and vitamin B serves as skin softeners and maintains skin hydration to leave a lasting, warm color. Lastly, the Australian gold tanning lotion also consists of caffeine that rejuvenates the skin for an enhanced skin tone.

The primary purpose of indoor tanning lotion is to keep your skin moisture intact and to prevent dryness to ensure a lasting tan. The active ingredients of the Australian Gold tanning lotion work efficiently to give you the desired result.

2. Why should I use Australian Gold Tanning Moisturizer with hemp oil?

Hemp Seed oil, often referred to as hemp oil is very beneficial for the skin, which is why Australian Gold has the Hemp Nation product line. These products are suitable for regular usage as a moisturizer or as a tan extender. It consists of a mixture of hemp seed oil, glycerin, and shea butter that produces intense hydration and retains skin's moisture. The Omega-6 fatty acids in hemp oil carry glycolic acid, which has anti-inflammatory qualities that encourage new cell generation and reveals youthful skin. People with any skin disorder can also apply it to soothe inflammation and skin sensitivity. Australian Gold Hemp Nations range is a powerful mix of Vitamin E and B5 that decelerates the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Tanning can provoke skin dryness, but using a moisturizer with hemp oil can inhibit dry skin without blocking pores. Thus, it stops the occurrence of blackheads and pimples.

3. How long does a tan last?

The lifecycle of a tan is decided by your skin type and the type of tan you are getting. Generally, a tan using a high-quality tanning lotion lasts for three days to a week. But if you prepare your body well before using the tanning lotion, then the tan can also last up to ten days. In contrast, an instant bronzer is a cosmetic product that gives you immediate and temporary hue that can be easily washed off using soap and water.

Prepare your skin before using a self-tanning lotion to help it last longer. Applying without skin scrubbing will cause the tan to attach to the dry patches. That's why exfoliation is crucial before application as it allows you to apply without any streaks and blotches. Also, do not wash off the tanning lotion too soon. It takes approximately six to ten hours to develop the tan fully. So, avoid taking a shower during this period. Post this time-period take cool/lukewarm showers, as a hot bath can dry out the skin, letting the tan fade fast. After a shower, moisturize the skin using organic oil like coconut oil. If you are going outdoors, remember to apply sunscreen.

4. What is the Australian Gold tanning accelerator/intensifier?

Melanin is a pigment produced by cells in the body that gives color to your hair, skin, and eye. Tanning accelerators excite melanin synthesis in your skin when exposed to the sun providing a luminous and bright skin tone. The more the melanin creation, the deeper your tan will become. Tan accelerators won't create any streaks and outlast than instant tans. 

The Australian Gold ACCELERATOR K  is our signature product that has a blend of essential oils and Panthenol that prevents tanning-related dehydration and irritation. It contains anti-aging ingredients like vitamin A and vitamin E that maintain young and healthy skin. It also guards the skin against environmental agents and inflammation. The tea tree oil blocks any tanning odors and leaves a fresh fragrance of the classic cocoa dreams.

You can also use Australian Gold Dark Legs that produces a perfect bronzed hue releasing an even skin tone. It also contains a combination of essential oil and Tyrosine giving your skin a lasting dark appearance. The Australian Gold intensifier also has Colorguard technology that moisturizes the skin and preserves tattoos from discoloring.

These are appropriate for indoor and outdoor uses. When applying outdoors, wear a sunscreen with SPF>30 to shield the skin from damaging UV rays.

Australian Gold brand was one of the first manufacturers of tanning lotions. Remember that the results you get don't need to be the same as the next person. Everyone has a different skin type, tanning preference, tanning bed equipment, which gives varied results. So, try out the Australian Gold product ranges at the most discounted price by shopping from Lewies tanning lotion and see for yourself which one performs best for your skin. Make sure to go through the instruction carefully before applying to avoid any skin irritation or allergic reaction. Also, people with acne-prone or sensitive skin should speak to their dermatologist first before trying any product. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us or call 1-725-400-9110, and we will get in touch with you.