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Men's Indoor Tanning Lotion

Formulated just for Men !

At Lewies Tanning Lotions we are listing many of the tanning products that are formulated for men with a thing consistency and a milder fragrance that men request.  Also, for the fellows and gals that want to protect their tattoos we have those products also Tanning for men is no different from bodybuilding, i.e., for the love of ribbed look, enhancing their appearance. Lately, there has been an enormous demand for tanning lotions from men too. Companies have recognized this demand and launched tanning products formulated especially for men. Like women, men also love the dewy brown appearance that gives their body a radiant glow. Here at Lewie’s tanning lotions, you will find the best tanning lotions suited for men. We offer a broad range of tanning lotion brands that are best for outdoors, tanning beds, and creams that would protect tattoos also. If this is your first experience shopping for tanning lotion, don't worry, we have got you covered by answering the most frequently asked queries by our customers.


1. Why Is Tanning with Lotion Better for My Skin?

As per a recent survey, almost 2 million men opt to tan indoors. Tanning outdoors exposes your skin to harmful radiations that cause wrinkles, age spots, and skin elasticity loss. Your skin can become dehydrated when exposed under the sun, which brings on the early signs of aging. Apart from this, tanning outdoors can also lead to an uneven tan due to all the dry patchy skin. 

Using a tanning lotion, also known as sunless tanners, gives an even tanned appearance without exposing the skin to harmful sun radiations. So, how does your skin get the bronze look with a sunless tanning lotion? Mens Tanning lotions have a dihydroxyacetone (DHA) component that interacts with the skin's amino acids, leading to darker skin color. Certain tanning lotions contain oils like the Devoted Creations HIM Gold Edition that includes hemp seed oil and Tamanu Oil that accelerate the tanning process by producing more melanin. 

2. How To Tan At The Tanning Bed?

You must follow some straightforward actions for the classic tan from tanning beds. Increasing blood circulation is an excellent way to enhance tanning results. For example, hit the gym before going for a tanning session that will get your blood circulation high and helps in removing all the dead skin cells. Exfoliators is also another excellent technique of removing dry, flaky skin while increasing blood circulation. Focus on your elbows, knees, and feet as these areas are overly rough.

You must exfoliate minimum 24 hours before hitting the tanning bed. Doubling the intake of vitamin D during this 24 hours window will help develop a more consistent complexion post tanning session.

And the most important thing is to wear eye goggles that all tanning salons give to shield your eyes. This eyewear must prevent 99 percent of the UVA and UVB rays. Shutting your eyes is insufficient to guard the eyes against UV rays emitted from the tanning beds. 

3. How many tanning sessions does it take to see results?

Usually, you will start noticing a good base tan after 6- 10 tanning sessions. For tan to remain for an extended time, you must tan frequently. Too many pauses in between two tanning sessions will fade the tan. Therefore, going for tanning sessions at least thrice a week will retain the tan for a year. The UV rays spur the melanocyte cells in the epidermis to create melanin. When these cells move to the skin's exterior, the UV rays oxidize them to produce a tan. Everyone has a varying quantity of melanin content in their body, which will determine how fast and dark their skin will get.

4. Can I take a shower after tanning?

It relies on the kind of tanning you are going for. If you got tanning in a tanning bed, you could take a shower immediately. Tanning beds operate by UV lights that enter into the skin and will not wash off in the shower. Taking a bath might cause the skin surface to cool faster by reducing the reddening caused by the tanning bed's heat. It takes a few days to see the tanning result from a tanning bed. So, taking a bath or not doesn't matter in case of a tanning bed.

However, when tanning using a sunless tanning lotion, the tanning process takes up to 24 hrs to develop. Wearing tight-fitting clothes during this time-period can smear the tan or make it uneven. Therefore, after doing sunless tanning, you should stay away from a shower for at least 8 hours.

5. Do I have to shave before getting a tan?

Shaving and exfoliation of the skin before starting the tanning process will ensure an even skin tan. If you are planning to shave, do it a few hours before applying the tanning lotion. Avoid running a razor on the skin too soon after a tanning session as it can leave dry patchy skin and shave off fresh tint.

6. How do I keep my tan?

Your skin continually sheds dry skin and grows new skin. Tanning occurs on the epidermis, and the drier it becomes, the higher the odds of fading the tan. These dry layers will block the UV rays to tan other skin layers, which is why moisturization is essential.

Moisturization is the most crucial thing that will help in retaining the tan for longer. A fresh and youthful skin tan quicker and deeper. Hydrate well by drinking plenty of water to ensure that the skin stays moisturized well. Additionally, you can use a high-quality moisturizer that is formulated especially for tanning. 

Apart from moisturization, you must regularly maintain the tanning sessions three days a week, for a lasting tan. The tan of arms and foot fade quicker in respect to the rest of the areas due to frequent washing of hands and footwears. So, it would be best if you kept reapplying tanning lotion to avoid mismatched skin tones.

Lastly, if you are under any photosensitizing medications, then avoid both indoor and outdoor tanning. These medications can increase the risk of overexposure. Some food items like carrots, lime, fennel, and fig also contain photosynthesizing agents. So, check with your physician before getting a tan regarding the possible photosensitivity. Browse ahead the Lewie's tanning products from different brands to see which one suits you the best.