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Ultimate Tanning Lotion

Using Ultimate tan lotions each time you tan will help you get an intense bronze color and give your skin a radiance that you never had before. That’s because each bottle has fast acting bronzers that reach deep into your skin to create a strong base for your tan. The deeper it goes into your skin, the longer your tan will last – plain and simple. You will also be able to enjoy skin that is finer, smoother and softer to the touch, thanks to the blend of natural moisturizers that bring out the best in your skin. For the Best tanning lotion tingles, bronzers and accelerators.


Ultimate Tanning Lotions are committed to bringing you lotions that are easy to use and get the job done right the first time around. They have a significant variety of tanning bed lotions to choose from too, making it easy to find something that is a great fit for you and your skin. With intense tingle formulas, energy enhancing ingredients, super dark bronzing agents and skin firming blends, Ultimate Tan’s Inferno is the complete package for a great tan everyoneis looking to give their skin a complete Dart Tan.

While tanning is relaxing and comforting, the end goal is to get a memorable tan that lasts. The only way that’s possible, however, is to use a tanning lotion product designed to work with your skin in a way that will help you develop a deep, rich color. If you want to reach your “ultimate” potential, you need to start using Ultimate tanning lotion.

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