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HEMPZ Tanning Lotions

Hempz Suncare is a specialized indoor Hempz tanning lotion line from Supre, a leader in tanning products and accessories. Every single lotion is paraben free and packed with over 40 different nutrients and vitamins to keep your skin feeling soft and looking young. Each lotion works close with your skin, pushing itself deep into the pigments to help you get a rich and luxurious glow that is built to last. Once you strut around with that new bronzed and intense tan, you’ll finally get that “Hempz Tan ” feeling so many talk about, but very few experience!


The Secret is in the SEED! Enriched with 100% Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil with Hempz Tanning lotions to assist in skin softness. If you can’t be rich, you can at least give yourself a tan that suggests you are. Hempz Sun Care Tanning Products can make your skin look like you’re a celebrity with ease.