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John Abate Tanning Lotion

Since 1982, John Abaté International has been manufacturing the finest skin care for tanners.  Our formulas use only the highest grade of pure natural vitamins and botanicals.  We believe in smart tanning and making products that focus on the 3 essentials of good skin care; hydration, nutrition and oxygenation.  We were one of the first to manufacturer indoor tanning lotions and are best known for introducing "Tingle" lotions. 


John Abate Tanning help achieve a rich, deep tan quickly, along with keeping your skin looking young and luminous.  John Abate International range of tanning products are suitable for all skin types at any stage of tanning since they contain plenty of natural ingredients like Avocado and Coconut Oils, Ginseng, Macadamia Nut, Aloe Vera, exotic flowers, and abundant overages of natural Vitamin E, as well as rare DNA restorative natural enzymes in the form of liposomes.

In an age where using synthetic chemicals reigns king, there are those that devote themselves to staying natural. That’s what makes John Abate tanning lotion stand out amongst the crowd, using nothing but all natural elements in every formula to help you achieve the best tan possible without any chemicals that have the potential to cause skin irritation.

It's no secret that tanning can wreck havoc on your skin; however, John Abate tanning products use a sleek combination of natural ingredients that work together to get your skin soft and smooth. Due to the nature of each formula, each bottle of John Abate tanning lotion is suitable for people of all skin types, helping everyone get the golden brown tan they want without having to sacrifice the health and appearance of their skin. When you look at it like that, it's clear to see that you have nothing to lose and beautifully tan skin to gain!

At, we carry a wide range of John Abate tanning products at extremely low prices that are unheard of anywhere else. Give your skin the nutrients it needs - order your supply of John Abate tanning lotion today and watch your skin turn from dull and boring to sheik and amazing!