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John Abate TITANIUM HOT TINGLE T3 - 8.0 oz.

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Experience virtually instant dark tanning gratification with Titanium`s vitamin and oxygen fueled powerful tingle Tingle Factor 3 PLUS. Vitamins A,E,F, and B Complex join forces with skin cell oxygenators and energizers to deliver fast tanning results and vibrant, healthier looking skin. .

  • TITANIUM with Vitamin & Oxygen Fueled Tanning Acceleration with Tingle Factor 3+. With its liquid metal appearance and sleek feel.
  • TITANIUM assures almost instant tanning gratification with its powerful tingle and dark tanning action. Vitamins A, E and B-Complex, combined with another melanin enhancer.
  • Tyrosine, accelerates the tanning process and takes even the darkest tan to the next level of microcirculation stimulation to impart a dark, luminous tan.

New Lavender Fragrance



8.0 oz.


John Abate Titanium hot tingle,
I've been tanning for just shy of 20yrs. Now and have used hundreds of different lotions between buying bottles & packets. I dont get very good results from bronzers for some reason (possibly because I'm part Indian)? So i buy mostly tingle lotion & a few tingle/bronzers lotions. For myself, the 8-10 people i have let use my titanium, or other people who own Titanium i have spoke with, TITANIUM IS THE BEST LOTION EVER!!!!!!!!!!
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