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Not all tanning lotions are created equal. Some prove to give excellent tanning effects, while others don't. Jwoww Tanning lotion consists of ingredients from the Pacific Islands and has been used by their citizens for a long time. Jwoww is a popular brand and is known for its calming and soothing properties. They contain Aloe Vera, a natural accelerator to nourish and protect your skin. At Lewies Tanning lotion, we offer various Jwoww skincare, tanning lotion, and self-tanner products at discounted rates


1. What is a bronzer?

Bronzer tanning lotions are a favorite selection among many tanners as it gives a natural sun-kissed look instantly. They are the perfect choice for somebody who wants to evade the distress produced by tingling lotions. Jwoww bronzing lotions are convenient to use and provide excellent outcomes while maintaining your skin softness and tone.

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) Bronzers is one of the products used in self-tanners, acts on the skin's epidermis to produce brown-colored melaninoids. People also call it fake tan because natural tanning occurs due to melanogenesis, i.e., the production of melanin in the body.

Bronzers in tanning lotions can amplify the tan, making it look darker. You have to be careful while applying it. You must evenly apply it to avoid any streaks. The dry areas on the body like the elbow and knees can leave a different color and spot if not spread evenly. Most people wipe the bronzers from these areas instantly to avoid any spot of discoloration. Also remember to wipe your hands with s damp cloth.

2. Should I moisturize before tanning?

Prepping the skin before tanning is vital to get an even tan. Exfoliation of the skin will eliminate dead skin cells and make the skin surface super smooth. It unclogs the pores, cleanse the skin, and reduces the chance of any breakouts. Before applying any tan product, it is a must as it prepares the skin by giving an excellent base for tanning. Additionally, if you are planning to take off unwanted hair, then do it a day before the tanning process. Waxing can remove the outer layer of skin, and tanning just after hair removal can leave patchy side effects on the skin. This entire process,i.e., exfoliation and waxing, will give an even and long-lasting tan.

Once you finish exfoliation and waxing, it is time to moisturize the skin. You must moisturize the entire body, especially the drier areas like elbows and knees. Leave the moisturizer for a minimum of 30 minutes before using the fake tan. Moisturizing will help prevent water loss from the skin. It will also prevent the skin from getting dry and delay the appearance of fine lines.

Constant application of moisturizer will aid in maintaining the bronzed effect while continuing subsequent layers. This blend of tanning and moisturizing will help the tan grow dark in the future.

3. Can I use lotion on my face?

The facial skin is the most sensitive skin on the body. It includes the skin from your forehead to your chest, and you should use specially formulated lotion in this region. We recommend 

applying a lotion with no scent as it can cause breakouts on the skin. The cream should be paraben-free, natural, and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for sensitive skin also.

4. Can indoor suntan lotions be used outside?

Indoor tanning lotions usually do not carry SPF, so you must avoid using it outdoors. Using indoor tanning lotions outside will have no sun protection and can dry your skin overly. The intensity of harmful UV rays varies throughout the day, and so, you must always use an SPF while tanning outdoors. If any body-part is susceptible to sunburn, then you want to use sunscreen. If your skin gets burnt due to indoor tanning, you should lessen the duration of the tanning session or use a sunscreen lotion to prevent it.

Similarly, outdoor tanning products are not supported for indoor applications as they can prevent the tanning method. 

5. How should I choose the right Tanning Lotion for my skin?

The first thing to consider before choosing the tanning lotion is your skin type. People with sensitive skin must look for a tanning lotion that is gentle and hypoallergenic like Jwoww CBD-Black Bronzers and Jwoww Fearless Dark Intensifier. They include components that will preserve and hydrate your skin. This brings us to the next important factor, i.e., elements in a product.

Do thorough research on the brand of tanning lotion and read the ingredients present in them. The ingredients in the product must be potentially beneficial for your skin. Some of the essential components in tanning lotion and their benefits are:

  • Silicon- Moisturizes your skin
  • Hemp Seed Oil- Nourishes, preserves, and moisturizes the skin.
  • Caffeine- Makes the skin look fresh and energetic. It also reduces puffiness.
  • Beta-Carotene- Improves pigmentation.
  • Vitamin E- Reduces the emergence of creases and fine lines.
  • Shimmer- Provides skin the added glow because of its light-reflecting particles.

These ingredients will also let you determine whether they will give an immediate tan effect or tan with time. It is also essential that the product helps retain the moisture content and gets completely absorbed by the skin.

The fragrance also plays a significant role while choosing a tanning product. The smell of DHA's reaction in the tanning lotion with the skin's top layer can sometimes be overpowering. Jwoww Tanning lotions come in different fragrances like Waterberry blush, Fruity Floral, Tropical Waves, and many more that can hide DHA smell.

6. How to safely tan once per week?

Everyone's skin is distinct. A tanning salon will help find your skin type and shade before beginning with the tanning process. People with white skin take a much longer time to tan than people with olive skin tone.

 You can start by doing a 6-minute session thice a week, slowly building the melatonin in your skin. The tanning salon will assist you in finding your skin color needs also. Once you are content with the tanning outcomes, you can manage it by using a tanning bed once per week. Remember that you will also be going out in the sun, which will help preserve the natural tan.

7. What is this tingle?

Tingle products excite the epidermis of the skin by boosting blood and oxygen flow, producing a dark tan. These tanning lotions produce a minor tingle or heating sensation by drawing blood closer to the skin's surface. The blood increases melanin leading to a better tan. Some companies use the name hot and reddening instead of tingle, representing the tingle between 1 to 35. The higher the tingle range, the more extreme is the tingling sensation. These tingle creams are most appropriate for seasoned tanners, and beginners with sensitive skin should avoid it. The first-timers must start with a tingle less than 3 to get acquainted with the sensation and gradually increase it.

Jwoww tanning lotion offers a fantastic product line that will give you the desired natural boost of color without the harmful side effects. There are many options available to choose from to suit your tastes. The added scents in these tanning lotions are pleasant and smell delicious. The best part is, most Jwoww products are priced mid-range and are among the most cost-effective tanning lotions. Explore to find out which one suits you best.