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Jwoww SHORE LOVE by Australian Gold Intensifier - 13.5 oz.

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Jwoww SHORE LOVE by Australian Gold Double Intensifier  

SHORE to fall in LOVE with this lightweight, quick absorbing formula that takes you from the beach to the tanning bed to the sunless booth! 
The Double Dip Intensifier allows for dark color development after UV exposure, while ensuring flawless sunless results. They hydrating Intense Moisture Blend 
provides a silky soft tanning canvas and ensures that dark color lasts days longer. Get beach body ready with the Toning Complex that energizes the skin for a radiant appearance. 
Fist pump your way to bronzed perfection!

Double Dip Intensifier - Unique blend of Tyrosine and Erythrulose help promote dark, even color development.

  • Intense Moisture Blend - Powerful combination of hydrating ingredients seal in moisture for longer-lasting gorgeous color.
  • Toning Complex - Potent blend of Caffeine and Coffee Seed energize and revitalize, while bringing vitality to the skin for a toned, youthful complexion.
  • Odor Defense - Optimally blended deodorizing ingredients help prevent post UV and Sunless odors.
  • Fragrance: Sparkling Kiwi
13.5 oz.

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