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Millennium Tanning Lotions

Rapid Release and Extended Release Bronzers

Millenium tanning lotions have many times the bronzing power with both rapid release and delayed or extended release bronzers. These accelerators truly speed up the tanning process so you will spend less time in the salon. Special tanning enhancers increase the power of Millenium tanning accelerator lotions, such as carrot oil and special amino acids.


Do you ever sit back and wonder how you can get an extreme tan without spending an arm and a leg for premium tanning lotion? Wouldn't it be nice if you knew of a tanning bed lotion you could rely on time and time again? Believe it or not, there is a line of indoor tanning lotions that exist and meet all of these attributes and more, Millennium Tanning lotions!

Millennium Tanning products are not for the faint of heart. They get right down to business, helping you achieve the darkest tan within the shortest amount of time possible. Their wickedly unique and advanced tanning formulas combine some of the most potent ingredients to go deep into your skin, helping create a color that is vibrant and longer lasting than what any other indoor tanning lotion can provide.

Worried about wrinkly skin?  Millennium Black Hemp Tanning Lotion is chalk full of critical nutrients and vitamins to help better your skin. It will feel tighter and more firm, helping your skin look and stay young. Did we mention that it smells incredible, too?

If you want the most affordable and effective tanning lotion on the block, you need Millennium Tanning lotions and products.

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