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Millennium Solid Black Tan Extender - 18.25 oz.

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 Millennium Solid Black Tan Extender

Want your color to last days longer than ever before?
Then look no further than Solid Black’s Tan Extending Hydrator!
This unique skin softening cream is formulated to keep your skin soft and supple while also protecting the color and luster or your tan! Cocoa and Shea butters plus antioxidant rich Argan, walnut and macadamia nut oils allow this product to pernitrate though even the driest layers of skin so that your results are touchably soft, every time!
If you are looking to get the most out of your color, than maximize it with Solid Black’s tan extending Moistener. Because soft skin is always in!

Fragrance= Nutral light CoCoa

18.25 oz.

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