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Ultimate HAIR OF THE DOG Tanning Tingle Bronzer - 8.5 oz..

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Ultimate HAIR OF THE DOG Tanning Tingle Bronzer

The best cure for what ails you is to have more of it, with even more kick. Tingle Bronzer Lotion!!!

Ultimate Happy Hour Hair of the Dog , from Happy Hour Tanning Lotions, brings you deep, dark bronzers with a triple shot of TingleKick for the darkest tan you have ever overindulged in.  So don't feel like you will never get a gold, bronze hue, keep drinking up the Sun's nectar. XXX Tingle Intoxicating Sizzle for deep, dark Color. Blended Bronzers Long lasting,  dark bronze results.  Avocado Extract and Collagen provide healthy, hydrated Skin.


8.5 oz.


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