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NOTHING BUT BRONZE CHARCOAL by Australisn Gold - 8.5 oz.

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Infused with Charcoal, Tattoo Technology & Australian Ingredients

This product shares the same fragrance as our Hemp Nation® Agave & Lime Tan Extender and Body Scrub making them great for sets and ensuring longer-lasting color and fragrance!

Go from now to wow with Nothing But Bronze™! This Extreme Ultra Dark XXX Black Bronzer delivers immediate color results and an even darker, developed bronze radiance that is sure to take you from 0 to 10 with each session. Let your skin be the star with this Wild Floral Fusion that harnesses the power of the Outback which nourishes and soothes for a ferocious skin tone. Charcoal Extract helps lift away impurities for the ultimate glowing skin! Give tattoos a decadent gulp of hydration with ColorGuard™ Plus Tattoo Technology to provide vibrancy to all your beautiful works of art! Looking for serious results…then look no further