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Designer Skin SAHARA JEWEL 30 X Bronzer -13.5 oz.

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Designer Skin SAHARA Jewell 30 X Bronzer

Discover a whole new brilliance with Color Bursting Beads for instant, ravishing dark color, while Cushion Silicone drapes skin in a feeling of pure extravagance. Enriched with splendor and mystique, the magic within is waiting to be released!    

  • Bronzeuphoria Complex™ features an opulent fusion of Caramel and Minerals, enhanced with Tyrosine, to create this 30X Spectacular Natural Bronzer  
  • Color Bursting Beads impart immediate rich, dark color as they melt onto skin for a dazzling transformation and optimal results
  • Cushion Silicone drapes skin in a breathable, silky layer that hydrates while leaving behind a luxurious, cushioned feel and a flawless appearance
  • Enchanted Renewal Elixir contains replenishing vitamins and antioxidants known to help fight free radicals; aiding in the appearance of smooth, radiant skin 
  • Formulated to combat against ATO

Fragrance:  White Sands

13.5 oz.
Love love this lotion!!! I been tanning 4 days so far and have a base tan laying 7min!
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