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Devoted Creations MOONRISE - 13.5 oz.

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Devoted Creations MOONRISE 

This ultra-vivid natural bronzer allows plant based dark dimension bronzers to provide streak-free/stain-free unrivaled results! Utilizing euphoric X50 PhotoGlow™ and Lunar light spheres, Moonrise™ is formulated for universal light hues. Added glowing Golden C combines Vitamin c and stardust gold particles to provide an immense realm of celestial skin perfectors while targeting the appearance of skins imperfections. Send your color in to orbit with the dreamy destiny of dark results that is only achievable when you shoot for the moon.


Immense Levels of Natural & Instant Cosmetic Bronzers

• pH Balancers & Formulated for all light hues

• GlowPlex™ Evens skins tone & Supports Luminosity

• Complexion Perfecting Golden C

• Glowing Light Enhancer X50 PhotoGlow™

• Light Activated Photosomes

• Euphoric Violet Flower

• Super Slimming Technology

• Highly Concentrated Cellulite Smoothers

• Collagen Perfecting & Plumping

• Cashmere Blend 24 Hour Hydration System

• Tattoo & Color Fade Protecting Technology

   Fragrance: Beaming Starburst

13.5 oz.

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