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Devoted Creations SOLAR SATURATION - 13.5 oz.

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Devoted Creations SOLAR SATURATION ~~~SALE~~~

Immerse your skin in high frequency results with Devoted Creations Solar Saturation! This wellness wonder features Jade Extracts and Red Tourmaline to help to energize, increase radiance and improve the skins overall appearance. Robust Marine Bio Retinol, energy illuminating Copper Peptides and deep penetrating agents aimed at improving the appearance of aging skin, create a vigorous well-being of blurring, youth boosting and age defying effects to the skins overall appearance. This buoyancy boosting full-light beam formula will not only leave you with high intensity tanning results, but it will also allow for an overall vigor and vitality that is only achieved with a sunny spectrum of Solar Saturation!

• Electrolyte Infused Light Enhancing Optimizer
• Formulated for UV, LED & InfraRed Light
• pH Balancing for optimal light absorption
• Vitality Boosting Jade & Red Tourmaline
• Formulated for use in all light units
• Anti-Aging GlowPlex™ & Copper Peptide™
• Super Slimming Technology
• Powerful Probiotics
• 24 Hour Long Lasting Hydration blend
• Vegan Collagen Blend
• Tattoo & Color Fade Protecting

Fragrance: Tropical Sunfruit

13.5 oz.

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