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Fiesta Sun BLACKBERRY BLAST Extremely Black Bronzers - 8.0 oz.

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Extremely Dark Tanning Lotion with Ultra Black Bronzers 25X

Blanket yourself in this rich, extremely dark tanning lotion with ultra Black Bronzers designed to give you a deep, dark, bronze tan color for the ultimate party look.  Your skin will love the natural moisturizing benefits of golden Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Monoi de Tahiti Oil along with the replenishing action of natural Aloe Vera. 

BLAST - A Highly Exciting Or Pleasurable Experience Or Event, Such As A Big Party.

  • Extended 25X Black Bronzers Instantly Darken and Maintain Your Tan for up to Seven Days
  • Glowing Skin is Highlighted by the Natural Blend of Aloe Vera and Vitamins
  • Softer Skin is Supported by the Combination of Luscious Oils
  • Ultra Rich Lotion Provides Continuous Moisturization
  • Glowing Skin is Highlighted by the Natural Blend of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  • Delicious Black Cherry Fragrance Provides a Sweet, Yet Seductive Aroma

Fiesta Sun Blackberry Blast - A highly exciting or pleasurable experience or event, such as a big party.


8.0 oz.


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