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Designer Skin DEBUT Special Occasion Bronzer - 8.5 oz.

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 Designer Skin DEBUT Special Occasion Bronzer

Lights, Camera, Action! Get red carpet ready with your new favorite Special Occasion Bronzer. This high DHA lotion gives you the golden glow you desire for any event night. With Bronze Skin Set Technology, you won’t have to worry about any bronzer transfer on your premiere outfit. Make your Debut and ensure you’re the star of the show! 

  • Special Occasion Bronzer™: DHA and Erythrulose combine to provide delayed, dark color that ensures you have your best tan for any event. Caramel and Violet provide the gratification of instant color for fast results. Black Tea is known to contain a melanin-like pigment to provide a natural boost to optimize your tan and leaving you with flawless results.
  • Bronze Skin Set: Transfer resistant technology that is designed to allow instant color to not transfer on to or stain clothes.
  • Blurfecting Technology: A skincare technology specifically designed to help fill creases, instantly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and plump skin from the inside out.
  • Luxurious Fascination: Wrap yourself in this silicone-bliss formula for smooth, flawless skin. This is designed be easily spread on the skin, non-greasy, while leaving a luxurious feel.

  • C3 Skin TonicS
  • Silicone-bliss Formula
  • Instant & Delayed Bronzers
  • ATO Inhibitor
  • Fragrance: Pinksalt Paradise
8.5 oz.

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