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Devoted Creations ALL BLACK EVERYTHING Bronzer - 8.45 oz.

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DC All Black Everything

XXX Extreme Darkening Black DHA Bronzer
Coconut Juice & Black Charcoal Infused

If you’re on the quest for color, then ALL BLACK EVERYTHING™ is your one-way ticket to destination darkness! This extreme black bronzing formula will transform your tan from boring to soaring! Black charcoal extracts coupled with coconut juice will help to detoxify, hydrate and maintain super dark results! Don’t stop demanding black until they invent a darker color!

• Blackout levels of DHA blended with natural and cosmetic bronzers for super dark immediate and delayed bronzing results.

• Chicory Extract – Provides an instant tanned appearance 60 seconds after application.

• Black Charcoal – Skin detoxifiers reduce excess oil and inflammation while aiding in improving acne prone skin.

• Camu Camu Berries – compliment the body’s natural growth and repair of tissues & collagen formation.

• Sea Weed – Draws toxins out of the body.

• Bee’s Wax – Contains skin conditioning and healing properties.

• Provides immediate and long-term moisturizing benefits.

• Formulated with various accelerators to speed up the tanning process for faster, darker results.



• Extreme DHA bronzing lotion
• Black Charcoal detoxifiers
• Anti-aging and skin conditioners
• Coconut Juice Based

Fragrance: Coconut Berry Fizz


8.45 oz.


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