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Devoted Creations DARE TO BE DARK Optimizer - 8.45 oz.

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Devoted Creations DARE TO BE DARK Optimizer
Creamy & Clear Pure Tanning Optimizer
Anti-Reddening Sensitive Skin Formula With Essential Vitamins & Nutrients
Free of: Parabens, Soy, Wheat, Fragrance, Nuts, Oils, and Talc’s 
Vegan Hypoallergenic Formula
Fragrance: Fragrance Free
For mega moisture and purely perfect color without unnecessary additives, the choice is clear! This anti-reddening skin loving formula utilizes soothing cucumber extracts, vital vitamins, and detoxifying green clay so even the driest and most stubborn skin receives the key nutrients it deserves. Formulated without harsh ingredients, this creamy fast absorbing formula ensures your dark tanning potential is the utmost essential! No need to compromise on color components just to avoid your skins opponents, it's time you just Dare to be Dark™!
  • Sensitive Skin Tanning Optimizer
  • Calming Cucumber
  • Detoxifying Green Clay
  • Color Correcting
  • Anti-Reddening Complex
  • Hypoallergenic Clean Formula
  • Fragrance Free
Bronzer Free Dark Tan Optimizer - Utilizing dark tan activators, this formula helps the skin tan without the use of self-tanning bronzing agents.
Calming Cucumber Extract – Works as a nourishing anti-inflammatory to
help calm sensitive skin.
Detoxifying Green Clay – Helps to detoxify and pull impurities from the skin, while being gentle enough for all skin types.
Green Tea Extracts – A potent anti-aging ingredient that combats signs of aging and contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness and skin irritations.
Anti-Reddening Formula – Works to combat any red tones in the skin so you are left
with natural, bronzed results.
Formulated Fragrance Free & Hypoallergenic for use by all skin types
Free of - Parabens, Soy, Wheat, Fragrance, Nuts, Oils and Talc’s
Vegan Formula


8.45 oz.


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