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Tan Asz U BIKINI BLACK Advanced 200x Hot Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

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Advanced UltraDark 200X Beach Black Bronzer ~~~SALE~~~

Beyond Bare™ AntiFlaw Finishing Cream
Find that teeny bikini and get ready for a tan that will be your new favorite accessory.  This ultradark beach black bronzer is the perfect getaway, bestowing skin with waves upon waves of rich bronze while a luxurious Beyond Bare Anti Flaw Complex gives you complete confidence to show as much skin as your heart desires!
  • Advanced UltraDark 200X Beach Black Bronzers take your tan to the next level
  • Beyond Bare AntiFlaw Finishing Creme gives your tan envyinducing perfection
  • Tropical extracts condition skin for exotic island color

Fragrance: Bikini Kiwi Banana Daiquiri

13.5 oz.

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