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Tanning Bed Lotion For Fair Skin

No more turning red… bronze it up!


Those who have fair skin know pretty well that when it comes to finding the best lotion

for fair skin, the process though not difficult, can be a bit tricky. A lot of people with fair skin

find it extremely hard to tan and even after long hours in the sun, many of them do not get the tan

they desire and usually end up sun burning their skin.


It might seem like a dreary situation but the good news is that tanning beds are the answer to

solving tanning problems for fair skins. When once fair skinned people had to lie in the sun and

still not get much out of it, except nasty sunburns, now thanks to advancements in tanning beds

and lotion options, getting that beautiful bronze tan is no longer just a dream for them.


When it comes to deciding on a tanning bed lotion for fair skin, there are many options to

choose from. A good tanning bed lotion for fair skin moisturizes the skin and provides a film of

protection against ultraviolet rays so that you get a nice golden brown hue without burning your

skin in any way.


Type of tanning bed lotion

Many tanning bed lotions for fair skin are now easily available in the market but you

should know exactly which one to select based on your skin type. Tanning gels come

in five different skin tones and out of these, tone I and tone II are the tanning bed lotions

for fair skin that can be easily used by people who have pale skin.


How much do I need?

Understanding your fair skin is important before you consider going out to buy the right

tanning bed lotion for fair skin. What a good tanning bed lotion for fair skin does is cause

melanin to be produced in the skin. Every type of tanning bed lotion for fair skin helps

the tanning process but only up to certain stage beyond which it doesn’t help the skin tan

any further. Therefore, in order to achieve your desired level of tanning, you will have

to undergo a couple of tanning sessions with a good tanning bed lotion for fair skin to

achieve the exact skin hue you have in mind.


Some good brands

The good thing about selecting a quality tanning bed lotion for fair skin is simply that

you will get the most out of it. Australian Gold and Swedish Beauty are brands that offer


fantastic ranges for all types of skins. For people with fair skins it is best to go for a

quality brand such as these two to get the best results out of their choice of tanning bed

lotion for fair skin.


How it works

A good tanning bed lotion for fair skin works with the aid of Tyrosine which is an amino

acid that triggers the production of melanin in the skin, making it darker. Since Tyrosine

is also an antioxidant, it provides natural nutrients to the skin, keeping it moisturized and




As with most products to be used on the skin, before you use any tanning bed lotion for

fair skin during your next tanning session, just make sure that you test the product on

a small patch on your skin and wait at least 24 hours to make sure there are no allergic



Once you’re satisfied with your choice, just go ahead and use your chosen tanning bed

lotion for fair skin for a beautifully sun-kissed and sexy bronze skin tone.


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