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Tanning Tip Covers

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New TANNING "TIPS" Silicone Nipple Covers are the most unique product to hit the tanning market in years. NMTechnologies, specialists in silicone gel technology for the medical market, has created a variety of silicone sheetings for scar reduction and the prevention of diabetic skin breakdown. Our research has shown that silicone sheeting is effective in lubricating and moisturizing the skin to help prevent dryness and cracking. Research has also shown that when people tan, they can also suffer from dryness, cracking and, often times, undesireable color changes in the nipple area. Towels and creams can be used to block the UV rays but give uneven results. That is why NMTechnologies has created a silicone sheet that can be placed over each nipple to evenly block UV rays while keeping the skin lubricated and moisturized.

Available in green and pink - we will choose color.

Price is for 1 pair of Tanning Tips.

Clean and easy to use
Stays in place even if you move
Self-adhering so it doesn't fall off
Soft and comfortable
Leaves no residue
Washable and reusable
Keeps skin soft and supple
Blocks more than 70% UV rays
Easy to care for
One size fits all (approx 2 1/2" round)


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