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Ultimate Tanning Guide

Summers are on their way and everyone is ready to hit the beach and enjoy the warm sun. However,

when we go out in the sun, the areas of our skin that are exposed tend to tan, leaving behind alternating

shades on our skin. Read on to learn how to tan and get an overall healthy bronze color without getting

uneven shades on your skin. The tan will not only give your personality a distinct smoky appeal, it will

make you look fabulous in your swimwear as well.



The best place to tan is an open area where you can easily let the sun rays get absorbed into your skin.

The beach is an ideal place for that. In case you do not live in a coastal city, you can place a lounging

chair or a beach mat in your backyard and laze out luxuriously under the sun.



The timing during which you lay out under the sun is very important. Ensure that you are not under the

sun when the sun is scorching hot or directly hitting you on the skin. This may cause sunburn. It is better

to tan before 10 am or after 4 pm when the sun’s rays are not as sharp.


You can tan for about 30 minutes on your front and back every day or alternate days depending on your

schedule. The temperature preferable to tan in can range anywhere between 75°F-90°F, according to

the amount of heat your body can tolerate. In about a week, you will get a nice even tan on your skin.



Most people want to tan the maximum area of their skin and hence prefer to don swimwear that

exposes most of their skin. If you want to get a complete tan and avoid getting embarrassing white or

pale patches, you can lie in your birthday suit. Some are bold enough to shed off all their clothing to

get an overall tan but this can only be done on beaches where being clothesless is an option. If you are

uncomfortable to lie naked in public, use the privacy of your backyard or rooftop where you won’t be

visible to anyone.


It is also important to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. You may lie under the sun

without glasses for a while, but after about 10-15 minutes, wear them to prevent your eyes from getting

harmed by the sun.


Tanning creams and gels

To get a good tan, you can use a tanlotion. A lotion with an SPF factor will protect you from

the sun and speed up the tanning process as well. Search the market for a good quality lotion

that has natural ingredients like aloe and cocoa butter, in addition to various other vitamins. Natural

ingredients will work best on your skin as they have healing properties and will help keep your skin soft

in comparison to chemical ingredients. The chemical ingredients will just leave your skin feeling sloppy

and greasy. Also, use a good moisturizing lip balm to protect your lips from chipping under the sun.


If you want to tan gradually, you do not need to use a tan lotion however, it is important to use a

sunscreen to avoid getting sunburn. It is important to understand the difference between a sunscreen

and sun block. A sun block completely blocks your skin and will not let it tan while a sunscreen will get

absorbed in your skin and prevent any burns.


How to Use a Tanning Products

Generously apply the lotion all over the exposed area. You should reapply the lotion after you

go for a swim, or after excessive sweating or rubbing, even if your lotion is waterproof. This guide will

certainly help you get an even tan this summer.


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