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Articles on Tanning

by lewietest Test
View this blog entry to read Articles on Tanning, Tanning Beds and Tanning Bed Lotion.
Sample articles include:
  • How to Get the Best Indoor Tan
  • Which Tanning Lotion is the Best for Tanning Bed Sessions?
  • How to Make Your Tanning Bed Tan Last Longer

How to Make Your Tanning Bed Tan Last Longer

by Vernon Johnson

How to Make Your Tanning Bed Tan Last Longer

Top Tips On Maintaining Your Tan

You must love your skin tan. As you see, your golden brown skin is adorable and very Fashionable. People would surely admire and flatter you for having a good skin color. Whether You have achieved that perfect tan through natural means or from a Tanning Bed, your principal aim Should be how you could further keep and maintain that tan. As you know, you cannot Practically keep your perfect tan forever. It is natural and inevitable that your tan would Soon fade.

People practically spend considerable amounts of time and effort just to get a good tan. If You are getting an outdoor tan at the beach, you are spending hours exposing your skin to sun and getting to and from beach resorts, at least. If you are availing of the services of professional Tanning bed salons, you are basically paying premium amounts for using tanning equipment and That are aimed to give customers the perfect golden brown tan.

Indoor tanning takes about 20 minutes on the average, but can but a dent in your budget. That is why some people would not find it practical to go to tanning salons only every now and then. Also,You are not advised to go and get an salon tan too often.There are state and federal regulations that prohibit tanning salons from accepting clients who get tans too often. Surely, every day is not good, every other day of tanning is more advisable Thus, it is best maintain a good tan instead.

Practical tips on maintaining skin tan. The best advice to help maintain a good skin tan is to get a good and lasting Professional salon tan. You could get it outdoors. When exposing the skin to direct sunlight, going to a beach resort would be advisable. As you get a tan, do not forget to apply tanning
lotion and and SPF and moisturizer to the skin prior to, during and after exposing the skin to the sun for tanning purposes. Sunbathing is a good and effective skin tanning activity, just do not overdo it.
Avoiding tanning outdoors from 10 am to 3 pm is advised.

When getting a tan indoors through tanning salons, make sure to also apply recommended lotions and moisturizers. Such products are usually already available to purchase or included in the tanning package, do not forget to wrap up by and moisturing.Remember not to take a shower at least for about four hours after the indoor tanning session. This would help the skin absorb the nutrients more and cope up better with its new skin color. Doing so would provide the basics to maintaining a good tan.


Remember to apply a good and recommended skin moisturizer at least once everyday.Moisturizers usually have ingredients and extenders that practically extend or prolong the length and duration of effect of a good skin tan by as long as a week. That means so much on the part of a person who aims to maintain or keep the tan longer.A tan lasts about six to 10 days normally on the average. If you use and adopt good practices and tips, you surely would be able to prolong that tan effect for quite some time.

What products to avoid when maintaining skin tan? It has been found that there are typically some skin products that you should avoid if you are aiming to maintain your skin tan or prolong it. The use of these products should be reduced, if not totally eliminated, if you want your skin tan to last longer.

*Bath soaps and skin cleansers with bleaching properties.

*Hair inhibiting lotions that practically make sunless skin tan appear yellowish.

*Anti-aging skin products that boosts skin renewal.

*Alcohol-containing toners.

*Daily usage of scrubs, loofas and other natural and synthetic skin exfoliating products.

*Anti-acne skin products.

*Facial masks and strips.

To help maintain or at least prolong your perfectly tanned complexion, you should also avoid indulging too much in long baths. Swimming at the beach and salt water could practically make your tan fade faster than usual.

How to Get the Best Indoor Tan

by Vernon Johnson

How to Get the Best Indoor Tan


Where the Sun Doesn’t Reach

What is Indoor Tanning?

Indoor tanning is simply an alternative way of getting your body tanned without exposing yourself to direct sunlight. Recently, this method of tanning has gathered immense popularity as more than 10% of Americans visit an indoor tanning facility each year.

Indoor Tanning is Much Safer than the Open Sun

Exposing yourself to sun is the worst thing you can do to get a tan. “It’s the sunburn you got when you were 18 that leads to the cancer you get when you’re 40.” These are the words by Dr. Zoe Draelos, the VP of American Academy of Dermatology.

Exposing your skin to any form of light does run its risks. Although indoor tanning can be harmful, the overall dangers associated with it fall pale in comparison to the regular sunlight tanning. Usually people use indoor tanning as a quick fix while others just do it for the experience. However, the fact remains that for people who love that bronze look, tanning booths are much better than the open sun.

A Little Preparation Can Go a Long way to Get You a Great Tan

First off, you need to get an exfoliating scrub or indoor tanning moisturizer. Use it to exfoliate the area that you want to tan daily for at least a week preceding an indoor tanning session. This will remove dead cells from the surface of the skin which will make the tanning session more effective.

Augment the Tanning Effect with Tanning Creams

Note that you need to get special indoor tanlotions for this purpose as they are created to enhance the effects of a tanning session on an indoor bed. In addition, indoor lotions do not harm the tanning bed as well. We will teach you how to get the best tan in a while.

Falling Asleep is the Last Thing You Want While Tanning

Since you have to lie patiently in a tanning bed, try to keep yourself awake. This may be hard, but remember that unless you shift your body at regular intervals, your body will not have an even tan which will ultimately spoil the whole purpose. Occasionally lift your arms as well to tan your underarms. Once the session is complete, moisturize yourself with indoor tanlotions once again. This will help you to retain the tan for a long time.

Scouting for the Right Indoor Tanning Products

Just like your other cosmetics, tanning bed lotions & accessories too must be chosen carefully. To get an indoor lotion that is right for you, some things need to be determined, such as:

• Your skin color (fair, light, medium, olive, dark, or deep)

• How much tan your require

• How much are you willing to spend

These factors may not look important but they can help you save your time and money while you find the best indoor lotion. Online shopping at Lewie’s Tanning will greatly benefit here as you can enter in all the specifics, including your desired tan shade and get all the possible results in no time. In addition, the product will be delivered to your doorstep which only makes the words “indoor tanning” fit perfectly!

Choosing the Best Indoor Tanning Cream

You are showered with options when it comes to indoor tanning, which makes arriving at a particular one a bit tough some times. Once the above factors are determined, you can choose your preferred tanning bed lotion from a variety that includes:

• Tanning bed lotions

• Moisturizing lotions

• Sunblock lotions

• Sunless tanning products

• Bronzing tanning gels

• Lotion towels

Some people prefer trying different brands before settling on one. While this may be a good choice, you may get your hands on substandard products that will harm your skin and ruin the tan. Make an informed decision after doing thorough research. Once again, you can resort to the internet to read what others have to say about a particular indoor tan product. A good practice is first trying the lotion of you choice on a small patch of skin to check whether your skin reacts adversely to it.

A Few Must-Know Facts Before You Enter that Indoor Tanning Bed

If you are taking a session for the first time, inquire with the salon staff about the whole procedure, especially the duration.

If you are pale-skinned, the first session will last for about 7-8 minutes.Most importantly, close your eyes when you are in the bed. Always use eye protection that is placed on all indoor tanning beds.

The FDA makes it mandatory to wear eye protection while venturing into tanning beds.

By following these guidelines and the best indoor tanlotions, you get the perfect tan before hitting the beach

Which Tanning Lotions are Best for Tanning Bed Sessions?

by Vernon Johnson

Which Lotions are the Best for Tanning Bed Sessions?


Helping you choose the one!

According to a survey by American Academy of Dermatology, 69% men and 61% women feel tanned people look better; and 60% men and 54% women feel tanned skin looks healthier. With this popular perception, you are sure to miss out the “popular look” bandwagon if you are not acquiring the tanned look. But the question remains: How do I zero in on the best tan? Read on and you will get the answer to this most pressing question. Hand-Selected tanning beds from Lewie’s Tanning.

Find Your Match – Tanning Solution that Works for You

There are a number of lotions in the market all of which can be considered as the best for tanning beds. However, the best  lotion for tanning beds is a relative choice, based on what each person is looking for when using a lotion for the purpose of tanning bed usage. Since every person has different skin and different tanning requirement, the best lotion for tanning beds may differ from person to person.

All products are not the same and what suits one person may not work for another. The only way to find the best lotion for you is to try the product yourself based on information such as ingredients, usage, user reviews etc. Keep in mind that the best lotion for tanning beds will be a product that will provide your skin adequate protection from tanning rays and facilitate a beautiful and natural looking tan.

The Most Expensive is Not Always the Best

An important thing to consider when choosing the best tan lotion for tanning beds is the price. Many extensive surveys have been conducted in order to gauge how much price plays a role when choosing the best lotion for tanning beds. Surprisingly, most seasoned tanning bed tanners have reported not finding a marked difference in the quality of tan between using expensive products compared to the cheaper ones. So basically, just because you use a pricey lotion is no guarantee that it will give you a better tan and be considered the best lotion for tanning beds.

Take the Expert Advice

The market is flooded with tanning products and it can be hard making a choice. However, when it comes to the best tan lotion for tanning beds, experts say that there are a few brands that do deserve special mention and are industry favorites for valid reasons. The Tanning Info Center has come up with a list of brands that they consider are top-notch and can be considered best lotion for tanning beds. With this list, there is no going “bad” for you. A few of them are:

Australian Gold for a Distinctive Look and Smell

With a massive cult following, this popular brand offers some of the best tanning results and it is not hard to see why it is so popular. This line carries some great tanning bed lotion, nearly all of which can be considered as the best lotion for tanning beds. Moreover, all the lotions by this brand smell sensational, an important point that tanners consider when deciding on the best product for tanning beds.

With a  line that provides a great tan enriched with skin caring ingredients, Supre Tanning Products are a popular line with a number of lotions can be considered amongst the best tanning bed lotions for tanning beds. With different lotions to suit a variety of different skin types, the Supre tanning line is unsurprisingly favored by many good tanning salons. Supre Smoke Black is considered one of the Best Bronzers and delivers exactly what its name suggests. There’s something for every sensation. If giving the onlookers a perception of healthy you and smelling great at the same time is what you are looking for, then you’ve found your match here.

Things Don’t Get Better than Designer Skin

Another favorite, Designer Skin fans swear by the line’s range of some of the best lotions for tanning beds with their nourishing ingredients and wonderful fragrance. The entire Designer Skin line for tanning beds is hypoallergenic so it is extremely gentle on all skin types. The gentle base of aloe for all the products offered by Designer Skin ensures that skin is treated with care and protection while undergoing the process of tanning. Bombshell and Spellbound are considered some of the best tan lotion for tanning beds for people looking for an extended 24 hour tan for those looking for the darkest tan. So, there is virtually no chance of getting this wrong. With Designer Skin, you get the best of both worlds – a great-looking tan and the natural goodness of aloe.



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