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by Vernon Johnson

Body Butter Oil Tanning Accelerator New Coconut Scent


Body Butter Oil - Tanning Accelerator and Intensifying dry oil

for the Tanning bed or very good out of doors.

Body Butter tanning oil indoor and outdoor tanning lotion is made up of a complex combination of exotic oils and essential vitamins. This luscious line of sun lotion is light and quickly melts into your skin, yet is powerful enough for amazing dark tanning results while leaving your skin healthy with a vibrant golden brown glow!


Body Butter Tanning Oil is Non greasy

Will not, Cannot clog your pores!

Different ways to Use

Plateau Breaker ( use over your favorite lotion) or Mix it in a 1 oz. catsup cup.

Aids in healing skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema.

Eye makeup remover

Use it to straightn you hair or stop the frizz!

Body Butter Oil is a Fantastic Massage oil.

Insect repellent

Softens skin or feet use at bedtime.

Body Butter Oil Fragrance: COCONUT

How to Tan Outdoors

  • Exfoliate so that dead, dry skin doesn’t block sunshine
  • Apply Body Butter Lotions Or Oils and sunblock liberally to sensitve areas.
  • Protect your eyes with goggles or glasses
  • Cover up those sensitive areas that haven’t seen the sun for a long time or ever
  • Limit your time outside, especially the first couple of times because you can’t see how red you are until it’s too late
  • Moisturize afterward with a good quality lotion or cream




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