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California Tan Optimizer Step 2

by Vernon Johnson

Uncover the secret to building beautiful, bronze color from the inside out. Developed with dynamic skin care and tanning technologies, the Tektōn® Collection will exceed your expectations.

  • Tektōnic Technology helps renew skin for a more youthful look
  • BronzeActiv naturally promotes and develops deep dark color
  • CT 3D delivers personalized, multi-dimensional color while Bronzextend Blend maintains color for noticeably longer results
  • Cocoa Extract helps protect skin against free radicals and provides a toning effect to skin
  • Enriches skin in moisture and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with Vitamin A
  • CuO2 and TRF combine rich ingredients to optimize dark color results
  • Formulated to combat against ATO
Fragrance: Sensual Citrus


by Vernon Johnson

Dynamic Dark Intensifier                                         

It’s not just a phase, it’s a Fit Life™! This Dynamic Dark Intensifier provides powerful results that are free of any maintenance! The Fitness Complex ensures your skin is prepped and ready for each session while the Protein Power softens and smooths for an alluring appearance. Perfect your tanning technique and see results instantly!

Dynamic Dark Intensifier – Helps boost melanin production for streak-free color, while enhancing skin’s natural beauty
Fitness Complex – Stevia, Caffeine and Green Tea combine to help tone and energize for improved skin texture and revitalized glowing complexion
Protein Power – Protein Powder provides skin with powerful essential nutrients that smooth for soft, supple results
Ink-Drink™ Complex – Shea Butter, rich in Vitamin A and E, combine with Beeswax and Raspberry to give tattoos a healthy gulp of rejuvenation and restoration.

Fragrance: Pineapple Perfection

I wanted to create lotion that truly encompassed my lifestyle: fitness, tanning, and good-for-you ingredients. I love having a lotion that helps me live my Fit Life™! xoxo, JWOWW – Jenni Farley


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