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Designer Skin Tanning Lotions, One of the top names in search results when exploring for tanning merchandises is Designer Skins. Over the past few years, this brand has been leading the tanning industry. Designer Skin is famous for giving a deep, healthy tan. They offer a wide range of products that every novice tanner to experienced tanners can explore. They use top ingredients in their tanning lotions and smell amazing too. Lewies tanning lotion is a great place to explore the various product ranges of Designer skin at discounted rates.



 Here are some frequent queries of our customers and their answers, which will help you decide the best tanning solution.

 1. What is the advantage of Hemp Seed Oil in a tanning lotion?

Hemp seed oil plays a vital role in tanning products. This oil carries vital vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the skin. It has vitamin E and C that promote cell regeneration, collagen generation, prevent wrinkles, and rejuvenates the skin's appearance. Vitamin C also acts as an excellent moisturizer, that heightens skin hydration. It also comprises B vitamins that act as a humectant and help retain moisture. 

 These features make hemp seed oil a prime constituent in tanning creams as UV radiations can make the skin dull. This oil also has vital fatty acids that ease the penetration of components into the skin. An exceptional moisturizer that you must try is the Angel Moisturizer, which carries potent Hemp oil properties.

 2. What is an Accelerator lotion?

A tanning accelerator lotion is a melanin intensifier that enhances melanin production (a component that gives a dark tan). Using a tan accelerator lotion triggers melanocytes to generate melanin. This increases the amount of UV absorption by the skin. Accelerator lotion also provides heightened hydration to the skin, which prevents skin dryness also.

 Tan accelerators are an excellent choice for fair-skinned people who have low melanin production and struggle to become tanned naturally. Apart from this, these lotions have great anti-aging properties also. Thus, they are great for the skin.

 3. Can showering fade my tan?

It is a common question among many tan enthusiasts. There is a misconception that taking a shower can fade their tan and cause skin dryness. The reality is that bathing cannot remove the tan. Moist skin can tan deeper and preserve it for longer. Taking a shower using a high pH level soap can strip your skin off the essential oils. Instead, use a body wash specially formulated for tan. 

 Post shower, use a moisturizer that can hydrate your skin and prevent skin dryness. Taking a bath before leaving for a tanning sitting is also important. It will present a lovely tan by uncovering the pores and increasing oxygen flow to intensify the tan. A bath with exfoliation will clear the dead skin and impurities to enable easy penetration of ultraviolet radiation, giving a dark tan.

4. Why use a Designer Skin lotion instead of a lotion from a drugstore?

Drugstore products are not effective in promoting tanning effects and lengthen their lives due to the lack of the right ingredients. They are also not effective in providing moisture lost through the tanning method. 

 Designer Skin tanning lotions are created, particularly for indoor tanning purposes. Try the Designer Skin Awestruck Bronzer Enhanced, a mixture of nutritional fruits, to improve the oxygen supply and promote youthful skin.

 5. Why don't I feel any "Tingle" effect?

Tingle is a component like niacin, added into lotions that help deliver fast and dark tans. Applying this lotion on the skin brings blood to the skin's epidermis and boosts UV rays' impact. The ingredient niacin produces a slight flushing effect that gives a tingle or warm sensation.

 The skin of a regular tingle tan user grows accustomed to this feeling, causing no sensation anymore. But there is nothing to worry about. Even if you do not get any feeling, then the product is still working. You can try switching between various brands to prevent the skin from getting used to any sensation. Designer Skin's Bombshell Hot Tingle lotion is a superb lotion that gives a dark and beautiful tan. Its 100xx formula provides heat that supports oxygenation, providing a fast, dramatic tan effect.

 Tingle lotions are suitable for beginners, and people with sensitive skin should avoid them. If you notice redness on the skin post the application of tingle lotion, don't worry, it will get normal in an hour. However, if the tingle sensation gets annoying, take a bath, and it will fade away immediately.

 6. How to protect my tattoo from fading?

To counter the tattoo fading, guard it against overexposure to sun rays and indoor tanning devices. The chemicals in the tattoo are susceptible to UV radiation. Hence, cover the tattooed area fully and avoid tanning until the skin has recovered. 

 When the skin recovers, the tattoo chemicals do not react to the rays, but you must take protective steps to improve the tattoo's life. Apply a good SPF on the tattoo to prevent its fading.

 7. Can you suggest a tanning product for men?

One of the favorite Designer Skin tanning creams amongst men is Command Men's Black Bronzer. It is created uniquely for men and has anti-fade tattoo properties too. Its unique formula of DHA with natural bronzers provides you with fast tan results. Designer Skin bronzer has infusions of Green tea that will preserve tattoo ink. Command Men's bronzer moisturizes the skin without leaving any greasy feel. It has a mild cynical fragrance that keeps the skin smelling fresh.

Go on and browse through the various products from Designer Creations. Feel free to contact us, incase of any queries related to products. We will be more than happy to guide you.