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How to Make A Sunless Tan Last Longer

by Vernon Johnson

How to Make Your Tan Last Longer


Make it last and last

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to get a tan is to use a spray tan but the question often arises that how long do spray tans last. Before going into the ins and outs of discussing how to make spray tans last, let’s begin by saying that spray tans are not only fast and inexpensive ways to get tanned, but they are also one of the safest options for tanning. In fact, a report published by the College of Family Physicians of Canada clearly states that tanning lotions are even safe during pregnancy. Try some these tanning lotion packets, before buying the bottle.

Sure enough, spray tans are not very lasting and do not long anywhere near a real tan, either from the sun or from a sun bed, but still they are convenient options when you want fast results with very little commitment. Moreover, you do not have to risk the harmful sun rays and can completely avoid dry and painful skin.

The All Important Question: “How long do spray tans last?”

Generally when answering the question that how long do spray tans last, it is safe to say that most spray tans last nearly one week. After you spray on a spray tan, it takes nearly three hours to develop to its darkest hued potential. Of course, this can vary depending on your skin type, but still three hours is a safe bet.

For the best results it is always advised to follow a few precautions to make sure that your spray tan deepens to the desired hue and lasts at least a week.

Clearer Skin Translates into Longer Lasting Tan

Always, start with clean skin. For people who wonder how long do spray tans last, before using a spray tan, start with showering and set a clean foundation and hygienic base for your spray tan application. This also ensures that you end up with an even smear of tan spray throughout your body.

Dry skin is an Absolute Must

The next step to follow after your shower so you know how long do spray tans last is to have dry skin. Thoroughly dry your skin and make sure it is free from all sorts of moisture for at least 4 hours before you use a spray tan. If you have just had a hot water bath, ensure that you are not sweating when you begin applying the spray.

Do Away with the Dead Skin before You Spray

It is always recommended that you exfoliate the skin before using a spray tan so that you do not keep wondering how long do spray tans last. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells so that the spray tan is better absorbed into the skin for better results. Naturally, a well-absorbed spray tan lasts better as it is more likely to stick on to your skin.

Moisturizers Prior to Spray Tan are a Strict No

When you are going to use a spray tan, do exfoliate but do not apply any sort of lotion, cream or any other moisturizer to your skin. The reason is that if there is any sort of moisturizer, even its residue on your skin, chances are your spray tan might not evenly coat your skin and can be patchy. The wetness in the moisturizers can mess up the composition of tanning material to give you a bad tan job.

Shower but Not Immediately

Another important step that makes up the answer to the question, “How long do spray tans last?” is not to shower for at least 8 hours after you use a spry tan. Relax and go about your work with the tan on. Planning your schedule well so that you do not have to rush out will give you enough time to rest before that bath.

Moisturize and Bathe after Giving the Spray Tan its Due Time

After you have achieved the desired results from your spray tan, you can shower and then moisturize as much as you want to. The only thing to keep in mind is that 8-hour gap. You can also wear sunscreen as you step out. These things will have no effect on the longevity of your tan.

Frequent Shaving and Spray Tans Don’t Mix

Do not be tempted to shave unnecessarily after you tan using a spray tan. The abrasive effect of the razor will do nothing to make your spray tan last so keep shaving to a minimum and only do it if really necessary.


No Swimming Please

When you have a spray tan on and to answer the question that how long do spray tans last, increase the life of your spray tan by staying away from chlorinated water such as that of a swimming pool.

The All-Important Step, “Read the Instructions”

The most important piece of advice to be followed so you do not have to wonder how long do spray tans last is to follow the instructions that come with your spray tan.

There is a reason why the instructions are there; use them to achieve the best spray tan results.

Now that you know the answer to the question that how long do spray tans last, follow all the steps and precautions to help your spray tan last better and longer!


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