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by Vernon Johnson

Designer Skin 14 KARAT GOLD RUSH Designer Skin 14 Karat Gold Rush Bronzer Top Ten Review

Designer Skin is a top ten selling tanning bed bronzer; this lotion will get you past your tanning plateau and give you a great tan even for a very experienced tanner.

Contains HYALURONIC ACID, age defying wonder that works to promote cellular repair.

For semi beginners and experienced tanners using an optimal blend of Erythrulose, DHA, and Intensifiers to build on existing color...

Will help break through your tanning plateau to take color to the next level of darkness, while UltraRefined Gold helps provide a dazzling glow only pure gold can provide. Reach for the gold you glowgetter!

  • Defiance Tanning Complex was expertly designed for experienced tanners utilizing an optimized blend of intensifiers, DHA and Erythrulose to build on exisiting color, helping breakthrough your tanning plateau
  • Age defying wonder, Hyaluronic Acid, helps promote collagen production and cellular repair to help increase skin elasticity and decrease the appearance of fine lines
  • Gold of Pleasure Oil contains high levels fo Omega3's to help leave skin smooth and radiant
  • UltraRefined Gold reflects and diffuses light to help blur skin imperfections, while accentuating your tan

Fragrance = Gilded Citrus




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